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Today 14:29Price: 1.90
year19702,643 posts

I know you have been here long time and you have always been positive about VAL but from my experience with this company I do not see any positive deal any time in near future. There will be JV for 401 to go to phase 3 but from the look of it it seems like the deal is very minimal and may not see any income at all...

I have such feeling VAL will be more vocal with 301 and 101 to justify their business as if 201 is any good then we should have some concrete positive news and results by now considering this is just only phase 2a and has been running for at least 5 years.

I still have shares in here but the value is peanut. I know some people would say you should not invest in a company at early stage but wait until near to result then join in like now, but there will be long shot for 101 and 301. Also there are other bio tech companies doing well even in early stage clinical trials like SAR, I don't invest in there but their management team seem to hold the company together quite well over the years.

Anyway, all the best and it is good to see you are still around.
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Today 14:29Price: 18.40
hinkais6,508 posts

Really was a steal this am.Truly grateful to get back in so low .
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Today 14:29Price: 13.10
notaflipper729 posts
RE: Results

mmm I am still sticking to Thursday.

Gentleman's wager? Happy to make it more interesting as the missus is always keen to remind me that I'm no gentleman,
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Today 14:29Price: 0.40
onefineday1,363 posts
RE: The suspense

Also correct Jimmy not buying as not allowed to I suspect, again "withholding information"
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Today 14:29Price: 6.65
sjlawley39 posts
Thoughts on Interims Part 2

carried over on the balance sheet and counted in the next years revenue, and so forth.
Much comment has been made about the statement “However, a slow-down in high value one-off sales is likely to impact top-line revenues.” I think this is a reflection of the state of high value one off sales in the domain industry in general and MMX’s TLDs wont fare much better or worse than any other portfolio operator.
The underlying value in the business is in the new regular sales and more so the predictable revenue numbers as that is the annuity type profit stream. That’s where ICM’s stream can be taken to the bank and it looks like the MMX portfolio is more than holding its own on renewals

You can see that cash is fine standing at some 9 million or so . Started with $16MM, spent $10MM on ICM and another say $1MM on fees etc and end up with $9MM, so cash very healthy.
The focus needs to be on H2 and FY 2019 and if they continue to grow basic sales and keep renewals high then the results in terms of EBITDA IMHO will beat the analysts forecasts handily, even without any major contribution from the exciting .luxe launch.
I am glad that they report the integration of ICM is going well. I’m not sure what the analysts are now saying but I am expecting H2 will show profits in excess of $4MM alone and that 2019 will deliver $6MM ++. Together with the existing cash reserves that will provide ample scope for a decent dividend perhaps announced at the same time as the FY 2018 results.
Consolidation in the industry still abounds with Abry partners buying Donuts recently for a large sum and CNIC continuing buying companies. I can assure MMX , is now on any potential acquirers radar and the underlying basic growth and % make up and level of renewals is key and MMX doing w=very well in that regard.

As usual just my 2 cents , with a little bit of industry knowledge applied.
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Today 14:29Price: 0.00
hex3141,578 posts
RE: Obscure market for a reason

CloudTag's CEO Amit Ben-Haim commented: "I am delighted to have closed our first commercial contract with a proven distributor in the EMEA region and to guarantee some minimum product sales. This marks a significant milestone for the Company."

That was in the rns. Notice "Guarantee some minimum product sales".

How come no onitors got sold?
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Today 14:29Price: 58.45
DiveCentre362 posts


I use Halifax. It is not a problem with Halifax.
Have you never used the TradePlan feature. You can place an order stating your desired buying price
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Today 14:28Price: 29.72
15LIVES568 posts
RE: FT Article


No idea at all why he's taking the seemingly negative angle. The thing is most of what he says is true, but without the broader picture and the way he approaches it then it clearly comes across as insidiously negative.

He can't be deramping to fill his boots on the quiet because that would be naughty to put it mildly.

One thing's for certain and that's him reading this BB as he's commented on our posts previously.
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Today 14:28Price: 16.45
meddler513 posts
Moving Up

News must be coming.
Strong Buy
Today 14:28Price: 3.64
Phil164400 posts

Would have liked to see it react a little more to what I view as the most positive scheduled rns in years. I am now convinced it is a matter of when not if for this share, tempted to add more.
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