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Today 07:00Price: 0.38
cannyscot2860 posts
brr media 5pm 23 Oct

for anyone not around last night. Thanks jme1976 and biggyie for posting link
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Today 06:59Price: 0.00
Babbler239,280 posts

Morning all... back in the office after not winning $980m last night in the lottery... oh well.

Hope to win the RNS lottery this morning at least! :D
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Today 06:59Price: 1.50
blackgold00388 posts
RE: 30% Rise

Crusty, "Why did our BoD tell us that the EGM would be in September? Because they did not realise that the EGM needed to be contingent on the Extension? Or that they just told us that knowing that it was highly unlikely or indeed impossible to ever happen? That they thought the extension would be approved in September?"

been thinking on that Crusty, and maybe a valid explanation is, that the first we heard of the CH-1 well testing the Jurassic was Aug 23rd and the updated CPR that will accompany the F/O circular was in the H/Y results Sept 28th. So my thinking is the decision to test the Jurassic was the consequents of the Mtwara extension negotiations , which then occasioned the updated CPR, which would take time, hence the need to move the completion date to the end of Nov.

23 August 2018
"The tendering process for a rig to drill Chikumbi-1 (CH-1) is now complete and the Company has received numerous bids. These bids are being evaluated on their technical and commercial merits. CH-1 is located updip from both the Ntorya-1 discovery well, which tested at rates of up to 20 MMcf/d with 139 bbls of condensate, and from the Ntorya-2 well which tested at a stabilised rate of approximately 17 MMcf/d. The well is expected to delineate the Ntorya gas field in a significantly thicker section of the Cretaceous reservoir system and (is also being planned to evaluate a potential deeper exploration target in the Jurassic formation)"

H/Y results
"A circular, incorporating an updated Competent Persons Report, will be made available prior to an extraordinary general meeting to approve the transaction"
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Today 06:58Price: 0.38
Madpunter1,182 posts
This made me laugh

Posted on Advfn by spqstrader :-
To all shorters,1. They said FRR would go bust and had a target of 0p by September. They must've been JoeKing one.2. They said FRR would need a placing in May, june, July, August, sept, oct - I'm still waiting.......3. They said FRR would give out shares like confetti to YA in lieu of monthly payments - did I miss that RNS?4. They said YA had FRR by the balls and the company was clearly in default - FRR reduced their monthly payments to YA 4x less for the next 6 months! 5. They said FRR ended up paying much more to YA with the new agreement - note to self, forget pair of socks as Xmas present, to send calculator and reading glasses to short-sighted crew.5. They said B12 is worthless and is just a depleted O&G field - two industry majors have sent their technical teams to tease out the data before making a potential offer6. They said we are all fools to invest in this sham of a company - all I can say is please keep shorting it, short as much as possible, because I will love the smell of Napalm shorts burning in the morning when the JV/farmout RNS lands. Oops, gotta go. There's a pizza delivery guy at the door. I'll make sure I give him a tip ..... a share tip, I meant.....
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Today 06:56Price: 0.23
EyeGuy15,177 posts
RE: Walko

They’ve wont.
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Today 06:56Price: 0.00
Lakshmi88816,629 posts

the bigun' reporting today.

Some other major names also reporting but stating more than one might be one too many for the likes of Ionic......;)
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Today 06:56Price: 12.35
Pboo2,101 posts
RE: Morning chaps

Dont worry Jungerns your excessive holding will come good.
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Today 06:55Price: 0.00
Lakshmi88816,629 posts

Another exciting, very volatile day on the markets yday.....:)

Bears ripped indice apart from Mon and continued the indice correction with most hitting lower lows and leaving hhuge gaps from Monday night to be flled.

On touching recent lows, bulls took back control and only in the US market cld this happen but gaps go fully filled-over 700 for Dow and 60 for SPX, no easy feat!!

I make Dow's yday low as the low of the year as they're levels of Dec 2017 before the manipulated Santa/New Yr rally toook it over 25K.

So essentially, the market is at ~ breakeven for 2018 if not even lower.....

I dont make that any great accomplishment Mr T.........................;-P

No doubt he'll blame it on China or Canada or Mexico or SA or Mr Mini Munchkin or Powell or, or....anyone but him.....
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Today 06:54Price: 0.57
nighthawk60,189 posts

Post rec......imo
Morning all...
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Today 06:54Price: 33.50
Condorpilot265 posts
RE: Gold stocks historically cheap

thx EL
always interesting to read those articles
our depression will end up in not to far time .... patience
what we actuallay see is a crash in the normal stock market ... a slow one ..... but a crash
time will tell
atb Condorians
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