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Today 20:35Price: 9.90
wadnob15,873 posts
RE: Series B Funding
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Today 20:34Price: 5.27
mjones7277 posts
RE: Shorting

shorting is not driving the price down.

Large scale outright sells are taking the price down.

Most sensible people realise this is going bust. Wake up. Smell the coffee.
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Today 20:34Price: 46.50
mitchoftheday801 posts
RE: Anyone else in Spain?

Not you coffeecups
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Today 20:34Price: 24.25
gkb47126 posts
RE: Brent

Now $66.17, it will be volatile as will the shares (check VIX - it's fairly high).
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Today 20:34Price: 42.02
DrBruceeBonus295 posts
RE: bottomed out?

I'll answer that one. I had an offer to buy yesterday in my SIPP at a limit of 41.5. It didn't get filled. Last night I cancelled and lowered my price expecting more carnage today and thought I might get a sneaky order filled in the 30's and it's now gone up again. So long as I keep that order there I think I can ensure for everyone that it has levelled and won't come down to meet me!🤨 You can all thank me later 😆
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Today 20:34Price: 0.15
rodster1,451 posts

Wow, can't believe you sold.vrr as just shares to us, nothing else. We sold junction and they bought that project. We get shares and that's all.

There will be dilution but not billions at what so I don't know..
You posted .4 plus, so clearly you were ramping, as now you have sold at least 50%. more fool you.
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Today 20:34Price: 0.25
diggit1gold2,858 posts
Zorbs plan?.

He's got to have one. None of us minions will know until fruition. It's all got to play out pretty quickly though. I can't entertain the possibility of captor losing out here, never mind JZ JV and DS. Let's face it they're all losing big time as it stands. 0.25p, pah. They don't want to take that 😂. They took part in all the fund raises including when Zorbs played a blinder of a fundraising @ 4.5p to pay for our initial MRS investment. Also, with millions of warrants exercised @ 2p they are all ballcocks deep in the smelly 💩 stuff, like nearly all pi's unless anyone has only recently taken a speculative punt @ URU. So, with consolidation imminent will we see a few surprises/rabbits/presents/sweeteners come our way to smooth/boost a path to a semblance of value to start with. Needs a lot more than that, but not 100% discounted. Just musings. :o).
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Today 20:34Price: 9.90
wadnob15,873 posts
RE: Series B Funding

these rns's will become tedious
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Today 20:33Price: 26.00
Soundingoff3,116 posts

TE10 has been confirmed as having the same COS as TE9.

There hasn't been any relentless selling. Almost all the A trades over the last few trading periods are denoted by the London Stock Exchange as Algorithm trading system based. Off book buys have been multiples of sells.
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Today 20:33Price: 12.10
Chartist24,192 posts
RE: bought few more

Johnno, a man of my profile..., and a man of your qualities: Where did I get that silly numbers from - again??
First day finance school: During this ongoing small technical retrace, the Sp was meant to stay either above the last closing price (from Tuesday), or stay above todays opening price, which was 12.55p. But the Sp failed to hold any of those lines.

No software needed. Just basically :))
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