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Today 22:42Price: 1.90
jmhy2,565 posts
RE: Look Stephen

Tnx ukog
Today 22:41Price: 1.09
JBmcr11 posts
RE: Business Potential

Realistically we're all here because we believe in the fundamentals, the new CEO, the former enviroment minister and the future contracts hopefully being executed.
For me, this is short, medium and long term. Hoping to take back a chunk of my initial investment at 2.5p, which could easily be hit within days of a good and expected RNS knowing EQT. Then who knows after that.
Bit of a downer at the moment, but i think good things are in store soon for those patient.
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Today 22:38Price: 134.00
A_Game1,041 posts
RE: I am a Private Investor

Hi Max - the group is simply a chat group like this board with no motive or agenda for change. Neill is doing a fantastic job.

If anyone wants to join, just tweet me @AIM_profit and I'll add you when I get chance. It's not some exclusive club just a twitter version of this board! :)
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Today 22:37Price: 2.25
Scully123452,316 posts

Erm lol I think there are a few ossues with your figures there LBInv - also don't criticise pharma stocks that deal with eyes. Awful post.
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Today 22:36Price: 178.00
Urraca1,776 posts
RE: drilling order

Given that Ragnfrid was estimated to take 81 days, and the West Phoenix has to sail there before it can begin (and it ain't exactly streamlined) Equinor and the WP owners/operators are now looking at it being up there in serious winter weather. Depending on how long it's delayed at Guillimot, they may revise again, and do the 3 UKCS drills first, then head up to Ragnfrid late winter, early spring time. But this is pure speculation. Equinor will wait until they have certainty on when the West Phoenix can mobilise for their campaign before taking the final decision. And I would expect we'll be told pretty quickly thereafter. Either way, Verbier will be drilled and it's resources appraised. I can wait.
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Today 22:34Price: 27.25
Darola743 posts
RE: Its almost good to see ...

Longlad, not sure who indicated that the bod have substantial holdings, take Dan out and there are a good number of PIs with bigger holdings than the other bod members. Best link I have found for holdings is on Morningstar. It’s updated every 3 months, so next due end of September.
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Today 22:33Price: 7.39
Mulder4,661 posts
RE: Pathetic finish/range

Did you notice how even weather changes are apparently having an impact on the intra-day share price! Algo trades are a huge factor in modern stock manipulation. It is blatant and obvious. These go through in chunks and are often bizarre Eish - as you have noticed sometimes a trade may be just ONE share! Chunks or blocks of trades say 242 x 20 then in this case you may see 10 x 20,000 shares traded in one minute. The UT uncrossing trade is almost always a sell here and in the last minute almost always there is a seller who dumps a couple of hundred to keep the share price low at the bid.
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Today 22:32Price: 1.09
dealer552,784 posts
RE: Business Potential

Posting that on Twitter I’m lost.
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Today 22:31Price: 7.53
bigspike485 posts
RE: SP taking off

Here’s the real reason the sugarloaf deal was sold

TK then took the very prospective license offshore China while the market was low, but that doesn’t suit your agenda ....
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Today 22:31Price: 1.01
Ivorgasleak719 posts
Sad news


I am not sure if you are aware, but very sad news on the AEX board yesterday. I only noticed earlier this evening, as I had not kept up with the board over the last few days.
I am sorry to say Webmoor passed away on Thursday.
I think the board will be quiet for a while. And rightly so. Really puts things into perspective.

Apologies to all for off topic.
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