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Today 23:51Price: 1.00
muscat209 posts
RE: RNS timescale

We have seen it all before, it means nothing until the black stuff is actually proved to be there. May be good for a few pips on the price but no more for now. We need actual firm results no pretty pictures and waffle.
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Today 23:51Price: 0.39
Aubree211,529 posts
RE: Reminder

Trust me it’s still a good read.
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Today 23:51Price: 46.00
Loc123353 posts
RE: Wuthering heights

Jambon oh wise one this made me smirk, it was a post on the Asos chat and I thought it was you up to wise tricks ;)

Today 22:42I bought in to ASOS last week at 5000, I agree with you and I don't think ASOS will grow much in the next six months. So I'm taking out half of my profits to put into KOOVs. The former chairman of ASOS is leading its expansion into India, following some growing pains where they tried to copy and paste the purely digital ASOS' model into India's market which wasn't ready for it, they have now built a strong brand and secured funding and a key retail partnership to roll-out a hybrid model to India's growing middle class in over 2000 malls. It's one to look at, or add to your watch list as it moves towards profitability.

A compelling read:
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Today 23:49Price: 56.43
Oxo424,000 posts
The Final Countdown

When the UK were up against it, and on our own we laughed and lampooned Hitler, along with secret radar tech that helped our night fighters, to keep it secret, the rumour was spread that our pilots were on increased carrot consumption.
Although we laughed, it was because we respected the enemy, tried to belittle them. Brexit will go through because the MPs will never carp in their own nests, with many years feathering them

After the ball is over, an election will remove any MPs that voted for or against their constituents vote.. So maybe not tarred and feathered, but remove ed by the people that elected them. They are after all, paid employees regardless of some being arrogant, and independent when they are/will be held to account, after the ball is over. Feathers will fly, imo.

Theresa May has shown strength in the face of some who think they are independent, yet are tax paying public employees.... Two 2nd division football teams, without any balls or goal in sight, that get paid regardless of result. lol
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Today 23:48Price: 6.30
Silverlight4,713 posts
RE: charts

Yes it’s dual listed
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Today 23:46Price: 46.00
Loc123353 posts
RE: Wuthering heights

I read the div as 5% but can't remember where, I am sure you are right though joe. I am not sure about ITV I have read in diff articles that it is one to watch, I am watching it but it's a pretty dull share tbh.
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Today 23:46Price: 0.39
dirkdigler1,840 posts
RE: Reminder

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz just get the deal sorted thats all its about !!!!!!!
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Today 23:44Price: 1.93
argus14,393 posts
RE: Looks like we are still

I had always thought KL3 would be tested before KL4 as it is deeper, and the 2016 flow tests also tested KL3 first.

As deeper, once KL3 testing is complete that section of the well bore can be sealed off and the KL4 tested.
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Today 23:41Price: 11.80
RollingInIt128 posts
RE: Vonk valuation metrics


Haha ! Snap !

A tailor in waiting if ever there was one. :o)
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Today 23:41Price: 1.85
Badluck9251 posts
RE: 1.75p

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if these trolls were trying to hammer the price to top up. They said themselves that there would be a spike, in pretty sure that was them throwing us a few bones. But anyway. Someone could say whatever they want but I won’t find it detrimental. Many of us have contacts and know more than this board reveals. Sit and wait. I’m in no rush either way.
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