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Today 03:27Price: 251.55
dotlink1,061 posts

Is BT working with Huawei to building next generation 5G core network? Has that been changed now because America don't like it?
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Today 03:26Price: 0.25
MysqMillionaire112 posts
SP Angel
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Today 02:32Price: 0.32
50cc64 posts
Income will make a difference

Even though the Alba holdings in HH and Brockham are small they should provide a nice steady bit of income.

Alba taken a bit of a beating of late with the placing but think these should be almost cleared now (if not already).

Can't fault Alba for recent communications work. Think they've been trying hard to get the word out.

Only way is up from here. Good results from Angus should see us moving.
Today 02:32Price: 67.60
marshall28101,234 posts
RE: Monday blues

55p morelike
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Today 02:29Price: 0.00
bignose582,030 posts
RE: Life In The Old Boot Yet ?

Bunions post was on the 16th April 2018. Interestingly, Recordati also mentioned Tunisia and Turkey to follow. Total population for the listed remainder of E11 yet to be launched (incl UK and Tunisia and Turkey) = 245mill which is about the same as the E5.
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Today 02:19Price: 440.50
Nige_W1,736 posts
RE: Deutsche Bank bumps this SP to 792

Hi KD37
Sp 792 is undervalued! which It will reach quite quickly if Ref and Remain In (3 months after Ref).
No Deal Brexit it will reach that but take much longer.
TM plan (not that it will happen) between the 2.
No other alternatives (Norway + …), cos EU not negotiating any more, so must be 2nd Ref and hopefully we remain In. Just need to be patient.
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Today 02:14Price: 0.97
jaffas1,875 posts
Re asx

Rns out aussies love it 3% up,, still in a yr low territory, Onwards and upwards I supppose,
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Today 02:01Price: 0.32
Chickndinner1,403 posts
RE: It's happening at Brockham

Krull. Yes. Looking promising at Brockham but Alba only have 5%. Our CEO is a shister the same as the shister running UKOG!
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Today 01:57Price: 0.32
Chickndinner1,403 posts
This company is a JOKE!

Fed up. I'm 35% down and had enough!

Selling up am and topping up in ANG'S.

Waste of time...
Today 01:53Price: 1.69
Drusus746 posts
RE: RE: Scallywag

Hawkspear,I read the article as though the 80p valuation was for SOLG? Just reread it and it still appears to refer to SOLG.
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