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Today 00:32Price: 17.70
Rhambo2,056 posts
RE: Nice update...

@NSTAbz Oh god you're right, 1 active director and 2 lackeys. Big difference. Richard Jennings is calling all the shots, it's a one-man outfit.

The taking shares facade is horseszjit, stop being so gullible. You don't think he'll want 25k off the bat no questions asked for his 'research' note? The whole premise is you write rampy notes about dog stocks that can't afford to pay you in cash, so you get issued small amounts of confetti that don't impact the SP that much and immediately offload. Note there's no limitation clause on how long he has to wait to sell. Easy money, really, shares available in three days time, the mug punter pays not the cash strapped BOD.

The coming online of a mediocre asset which PANR can't afford to buy all the interest in 10 days, which is not yet proven cashflow breakeven, does not excite me. Going on previous results cashburn a placing was needed by year end. That may be the case still or if the increase in price commods with this well coming on line delays it by 1/2 months into the new year this still doesn't stop this from being a cash burning dog.

Yes, we all know, that over time flow rates decrease, otherwise you should not be invested. And the difference between testing flow rates and production is often the steepest drop when it comes to rampy AIM stocks.

Try to get real.

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Today 00:31Price: 1.13
Endion1,626 posts
RE: Steady SP

They kept the bid fairly low though on a wide spread, so more likely they just wanted to pass some shares from low to high, whilst still hedging their bets in either direction. Im happy with this steady position until further news hits.
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Today 00:31Price: 2.65
coot873 posts
RE: VaultChain™

Blimey, there must be some rich people out

"Upon your first purchase of VaultChain Gold, an account opening fee of $100 will be applicable. Each following transaction, purchase, sale, or conversion, a settlement fee of $25 USD will be applicable."
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Today 00:31Price: 56.43
Oxo424,003 posts
1492 The 1st UK Brexit.
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Today 00:30Price: 0.14
2857mal661 posts
RE: Strongman

posted this morning at 7.12 AM ????

posts information that is intelligent thought provoking and of interest to all and well researched

complete opposite to some ,
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Today 00:29Price: 0.39
Zibrahimovic4,266 posts
Slide 68...

There are 2 major kitchens where
oil and gas have been generated in
Maikop source rocks.
TOC of Maykop ranges from
0.2 to 11 % Type II kerogen
with abundant terrestrial OM
to the south and north.
At present Maikop is in early oil
generation to late gas generation

Guess where those 2 kitchens are???

B12 is one and where Schlumberger is the other, ....

Tbf I'm more interested in ours as it runs right through the block down towards Azerbaijan. Who was our friend on here that pointed us to the pock marks as being a clue to the source and direction of the flow of resources and he stated that the kitchen was around B12...this slide pretty much confirms it.
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Today 00:28Price: 33.50
7Seven145 posts

You’re in good company here. A brilliant set of PIs and IIs alike, a fantastic BoD with Andrew Knott on the helm. This is by far my largest holding and this company for me stands out as a multibagger from these level, longer term view of course as Zengas points out and breaks down, if we don’t get taken out). There’s a dividend to look forward next year and many rabbits ready to be pulled out a 2 hats (Niger and Nigeria). Dyor ATB
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Today 00:28Price: 0.42
Soulsister590 posts

RR this is fun :)))
Strong Buy
Today 00:27Price: 0.42
Soulsister590 posts

I never said I was anything but . Yep that's me I'm owning it mr professional share buster . Do your stuff big man . Enjoy :))))
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Today 00:27Price: 28.50
Endion1,626 posts
RE: Whenever FI choose to sell...

Yea that was me ;) and yea it was tongue in cheek, if only because a lonely or even group of PI's would never be able to sway the opinion of an II! I agree with your post, though I would have liked to have seen some price appreciation due to the sojitz buy out closer the the event. When rises are delayed there is a chance the effect of it is somewhat dampened or mixed with later news releases. All of which will come out in the wash eventually but potentially a source of frustration short term. I would have preferred for example that the consolidation band be between 34 - 36p rather than 28 - 30p, but really what does it matter long term? Or even potentially short term, if some of the news we are expecting is released then even First Island selling won't hold it back.
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