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Today 22:44Price: 177.00
rugbyball6 posts
Sign of weakness

Its sad so many share holders have 'lost their nerve' resulting in this massive dip. If they had shown a stiff upper lip the share price would now have been sailing high on the good news reported. So man up, and the share will go up.
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Today 22:31Price: 177.00
mick-b7,619 posts
The Investors Chronicle said

A lot have changed since we reported on’s (BOO) interim results last September, particularly the discussion around “fast-fashion” and its detrimental effect on the environment. This mounting backlash against such unsustainable businesses perhaps explains why Boohoo shares failed to find any positive momentum in early trading, despite revealing strong growth during the last four months of 2018 - enough to prompt a full-year earnings upgrade. The group now expects full-year revenue growth to be between 43 per cent and 45 per cent, ahead of previous 38 per cent to 43 per cent guidance. The market is clearly still on edge from last month’s profit warning from close rival Asos (ASC) which said sales and profits for the year would fail to meet expectations after a weak November.
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Today 22:22Price: 177.00
Pascha541 posts
RE: Held back

With Brexit anxiety reaching a crescendo this evening, I think all stocks are going to take a knock so I wouldn’t bank on that. Remeber it was in the 150s a few weeks back and we all had been advised of the likely results so why tomorrow. Maybe some day but tomorrow ? Don’t think so...
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Today 21:33Price: 177.00
Loadsamoneyyipee64 posts
RE: Held back

Very evident been held back for short positions to be closed . Positive move up tomorrow.
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Today 21:19Price: 177.00
Gotmiester22 posts
RE: Daily mail says

Look Chancers.I might be dim or even stupid,or the Daily Mail might be dim or even stupid.Why should it be a concern that PLT is responsible for a large proportion of the growth.FFS 40+% growth in the company is all that is important,whether it come from GB,EU,USA or outer space.They are worried about margin,thought it was up,turnover up,the for the rest of the year positive.Boohoo looks to be the winner of the last three months in retail online.We might as well invest in Ocado went from 2.30 to over 10.00 in a matter of months.On the news that they had signed agreements to give It support to overseas (PLT) companies in regard of warehousing and online delivery of groceries.Ocado have NEVER made a profit and may never.Rant over.Neary strated again "Concerns over PLT being responsible for a large proportion of growth" Do leave it out sounds like a rumour made up by "guro of nothing" and the derampers and MM's.."guruofnothing" actually said in a post recently that he was a boohoo supporter.Liar,liar pants on fire..
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Today 20:11Price: 177.00
thechancers3,551 posts
Boohoo cries tears of joy

Makes you laugh , Headlines Boohoo cries tears of joy........ share holders in tears

Amazing set of results, I understand what the market is saying regards PLT, But how the share price collapsed.

Will be interesting what the BOD will do regards PLT, but imo, The market will find anything negative to drop the price.
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Today 19:34Price: 177.00
gggg214,154 posts
Investor Call Below.....

Some summarised notes i took below for my own reminder - Confident now this is oversold and will rebound, impressed with the call and detail. Looking at further positions tomorrow. I think they have under promised here and final end year results will hit above expectations.Worry this time last year and reason for dips was margin......this isn't the case now.

• Boohoo brand Gross Margin up despite not hitting growth target
• Nasty Gal delivered as much in 4 months sales as I did nearly across the whole of last year
• US Sales for Boohoo Group increase by 78% accelerated growth from previous quarter
• Margins for PLT and Boohoo up, Nasty Gal margin down investing in brand awareness
• Cash up
• Investment in logistics and IT ahead of curve
• Upgraded bottom end of the guidance for EBIDTA (should be at the higher end)
• Investing in new territory to benefit the growth later in the year (I personally have noticed Umar Insta showing USA as ever but also a big push into UAE last month or so) as well as Boohooman and NastyGal– planned spend across the year
• Warehouse move into Sheffield – improving trend
• PLT lower level of markdown than previously – like this!
• Sales slowdown for Jan and Feb with reduced expectations built in – been conservative here and started well
• Burnley warehouse automation going live early next financial year – will help next financial year
• “slowdown in growth rate” is just down to factor is the number in absolute terms are getting higher, largely ignore the market data, online taking market share
• Regarding Boohoo brand vs PLT – whichever is being most profitable then they get the further capital regarding marketing spend
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Today 17:36Price: 177.00
dunnsamonster61 posts
RE: Brexit

Yes interesting about those after hours trades. Looks, judging by the prices of the trades, as if they were occurring throughout the day. Many serious investors reckoning that these prices are far too low. Next few days should see these investments rewarded, certainly long-term..
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Today 17:18Price: 177.00
DogTyred566 posts
RE: Brexit

Uncle Doug
Totally agree. Pretty evident this has been short sold all day to allow shorters to reduce positions. The weak minded just make it easier for them. If those after hours reported trades are anything to go by, should be positive tomorrow.

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Today 17:17Price: 177.00
donotpanic2,828 posts
RE: Brexit

patience is the game...
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